The Mission: Our Mission is to capture lifestyle images of the  Pan-Caribbean community in Canada.

The Vision: Our vision is to grow and display a collection of photographic images that will be a legacy for future generations.


The strength and nature of our future originates from the activities, culture, customs, practices and skills which molded our experiences. Caribbean migrants have brought their sense of freedom, the levity of spirit, a dedication to hard work and a love of life wherever they reside. The Canadian Caribbean Photographic Arts Collective (CCPAC) exists to document the community today, so that future generations can maintain the Value and the Significance of our societal contributions.

CCPAC is a group of photographers formed to document lifestyles at every stage, and present images that define the identity of our Caribbean community in Canada. Our mission is to showcase the true timbre of our souls, and the passion of our lives through the lens.

CCPAC has succeeded in presenting several aspects of this mission through its core collection: “Beyond the Carnival!” Our previous exhibitions at Scarborough’s Civic Centre in 2018 and at Toronto City Hall in 2019 have succeeded in helping us to define our dedication to the celebration of freedom, along with the diversity and creative expressions of our diverse Canadian Caribbean society. Moreover, these factors accentuate the core values by which we live in Canada.

If today is truly tomorrow’s past, the CCPAC mission is intended to enhance our future by preserving the present!

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