The Pan-Caribbean Legacy Project was incubated by CCPAC to record the Pan-Caribbean diaspora’s experiences in Canada, with creative photography and video projects, we will showcase Caribbean people’s life after immigration and the evolution of the Caribbean culture in Canada. The images and video captured will be available to Galleries, Museums or any institution with heritage interest.

The Pan-Caribbean Legacy Project consists of:
a) Reaching out to the community to digitize their private collection of photographs and videos, each photo collection will be published in print and e-books. (for this purpose, “collection” refers to a set of photos from one family)
b) Research and produce video documentaries about the Caribbean settlements in Canada. i.e. Whitney Pier, Nova Scotia. Montreal, Toronto. St. Catharines, to name a few.
c) House and present a year-round photo exhibit and video screening facility with a mobile component.

In Summary, CCPAC will create hi-quality photographs, documents, and videos documentaries, seek and archive private collections, and showcase all in a dedicated facility.

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