Call for Submissions / Neighbourhood Gallery / Architectural Reflections / Toronto, ON / Deadline Date: Thursday, March 1, 2018

We do not charge a submission fee and take no commission. We do not insure work but the galleries are in a Unitarian Universalist Church. If the work is sold during the show we take no commission but we are a charitable organization we would gladly take a donation that could be 10-20% of the price of the piece. Donations of $20 or more will be issued a charitable tax receipt. This donation helps to maintain the gallery walls etc. The Curator will create an invitation and send it to all of the artists and promote the show through NUUC and environs. You are encouraged to invite guests, use your own social media networks and come to the opening and closing. All sales happen through the artist so best contact information will be on the label, email or phone number.

We look forward to your submission. The date below is firm, no exceptions as the schedule is tight.
During CONTACT – Architectural Reflections – invitational Group  Photography Show  

Submissions Works are to be photographed with the subject matter of architectural details or full urban buildings that could /should include reflections in windows or chrome or water. Be creative with your interpretation.  Only  2d media provided it is mounted with a wire backing. A black frame is a requirement for this show.  As it is hung from a chain with an  “s”  hook this is a must. Works need to be generally less than 2 feet in height/width. Smaller is better for the space and sale of your work.  We can have a few larger pieces as well.

Email: up to 5 submissions by between Jan. 1 – Mar 1, 5pm,  jpegs no larger than 1000 x 700 300dpi as attachment one might become part of the invite.

Please let me know you are ok or not ok with that.  

Also a list all works submitted with title, your name, media, size, year and asking price if for sale, and contact info phone or email. This will be needed for labels.

Please put in subject of email, Architectural Reflections to the curator: 

Show dates install – April 8 12-1pm
Opening – April 15 12-1pm
Take down – May 27 12-1pm

For more information, please contact:, Lauren McKinley Renzetti, Curator

Neighbourhood Gallery North & South, Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation
Located in east end of Toronto, 79 Hiawatha Rd, Toronto M4L

Architectural Reflections

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