Some members of many migrant communities understand that the future of their communities is in their own hands – that building that future is based on

a) the fabric and foundation of their past,

b) the journey to the present

c) the creation of a strategized roadway to that future.

This transition from past to future would be best managed by advocates viewing these elements as laid out by a team of ‘architects’ and this, to be done in a collective manner; all advocates seeing the same historical images and charting the path to the future based on collective analyses of evidence before them.

Caribbean Canadian communities have contributed greatly to their new homeland. They struggle enormously to set their feet into foundations in commerce, culture, food and other industries, medicine, politics, socio-economics, etc.

How much do individuals in the Caribbean Canadian communities know about themselves? Or about others that are engaged outside their workplace or social organizations? How much do they know of the accompishments, activities and quality of industry that exist beside them in their own communities? How can they become acquainted? Even in the dominant Caribbean arts or culture domain, do they know of the accreditations, achievements and development of the performers and producers whose event they are about to patronize? Surely it takes perception and selection by those skilled through development of trade or artform to recognize and produce the relevant documentation.  

The Caribbean Canadian Photographic Arts Collective (The CCPAC) endeavours to present exhibitions that will provide this panoramic view for all communities, for researchers, writers and for advocates for advancement.

The CCPAC invites all photographers and photo-takers to become acquainted with its mandate, take up membership, to develop their fullest potential in photography as an art form and to have their work selected for The CCPAC exhibitions.

Ken Bruzual,   (647-649-7151)

Publisher of CULTURE CHEST E-News,   

Presenter of CULTURE CHEST Initiatives & Designer and

Producer of Canada’s & North America’s 1st T&T styled Masquerade Band


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