Jenny’s career started as a teacher. She went on to work in the arts industry as a program coordinator for the Three Schools of Art and then the Inner City Angels Children’s Art Centre.
In the late 1970s she co-founded GBR Film Productions which was an independent film company which produced short films including 3 films about children’s art and one about the Children’s Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago.

Over the years, she produced a few promotional videos. In 1980, she was a co-founder and president of one of Canada’s first high-resolution computer graphics company, which was a pioneer in the industry. She spent many years photographing nature and the Children’s Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago. Her photography has been exhibited at the Royal Museum of Ontario, The Trinidad and Tobago National Museum, Ecuador’s Bienal, Toronto’s City Hall and Harbourfront.

In 2016, she completed an hour long documentary about a revolutionary arts organization in Toronto. The film also highlights the importance of art in education and to society.

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