Anthony Berot

Anthony is a photographer and independent filmmaker.

After receiving a camera as a child, he began documenting cultural activities in his neighborhood and continued his interest after migrating to Canada where he became involved in Portrait and Wedding and Glamour photography.

His interest in documenting the cultural experiences of the community refocused his art. His work was published in several community newspapers and international publications since 2010. Since 2010 he focused on the Toronto Caribbean Carnival and published a photo book and later obtained the official photographer for the Toronto Caribbean Carnival.

Anthony’s passion to ensure that the Canadian Caribbean cultural identity is preserved for the future, inspired him to start CCPAC in order to Create, Curate and display the Caribbean Culture as it evolves in Canada.

Ian Grant

Ian has a collection of naturalistic photographs, taken in some of the world’s most spectacular locales. Grenadian-Born, he has lived in Toronto for many years and from this vantage point, he had the privilege of traveling to and capturing images in Brazil, Italy, Aruba, Yugoslavia, Azores, Grenada, Honolulu, just to name a few.

As a self-taught photographer, he enjoys liberating these unbelievably picturesque scenes, the colours, the moments, and the angles that are only in the cool heat of his imagination.

Much of Grant’s audience so far, have found that his warm, relaxed outdoor scenes and his distant lazy horizons, reminds them of the paradise in their secretly sculpted dreams.

Some of his works were entered into International photo competitions, of which one, “Beach Blaster” won 2nd. Prize in the International Caribbean Beat Photo Competition 2000.

He has also showcased his works at many Galleries, Special Exhibits, Art Auctions and the Grenada Consulate in Toronto.

This collection of photographs represents a small portion of beautiful images that he has composed over the years.

Peter Tang

Over 40 yrs in the photo and graphic arts industry.

In the early yrs Peter, recognizing his artistic talent, started creating ads as an in-house graphic artist for a major department store in his native Guyana, South America, then gravitated to the airbrush doing wall murals and billboard commercials.

He got his first camera, a Pentax K1000 in the 70’s, migrated to Canada in 1994, then embraced the digital age with Pentax’s first DSLR, K100D in 2006.

Today, Peter owns his own private studio located in the Scarborough area and is a popular photographer at community events, concerts, and general lifestyle photographer.

Stephen Weir

Stephen is a Toronto based writer, photographer, underwater photographer and publicist who has embraced the Caribbean culture  For 18-years he assisted Toronto Caribbean Carnival with their communication needs. His first carnival was in 1999. He is always busy. He Is never bored

His unique photographic style has been included in many publications.