Telling the story with Photography.

It’s reasonable to believe that most people who are successful at whatever they do, attain that success and admiration on account of taking advantage of opportunities to learn as much as is possible about their activity, assignment or undertaking. While schools and colleges may provide guidance for an academic accreditation in some field or other, many people acquire good knowledge directly on the job or in their fields of activity. The process always requires personal interest, perception, determination and commitment, at times to the point of being passionate about one’s goal. CCPAC would like to assist photographers – new or otherwise – to reach the utmost level, which recognitions. With this in mind, we can look at this incident of a new technician at work in a hospital’s imaging laboratory.   

Vince was about to celebrate his first anniversary after graduating as technologist when Joe, a former classmate called to extend relative greetings and set a get-together. Immediately following his graduation in the Co-op program, Vince was hired by the hospital at which he had enjoyed several terms of practical training as a radiologist. As Vince was unexpectedly late in leaving, Joe went to the radiology department to await Vince. Vince invited Joe to join him. Joe who started his employment at another institution several months after Vince, observed Vince’s meticulous efforts at imaging while using a later model imaging equipment than his own. In his shorter period of employment Joe was taught to overcome some difficulties on an older model and readily passed on some tips to Vince.

The next day some specialists who had viewed those images, told Vince that those images provided more significant details for their diagnoses. Vince was very happy with the outcome, with the specialists’ satisfaction and with his new competence for which he thanked Joe. Vince wished that his second anniversary of graduating would be as near as his next pay-cheque so that he could be re-celebrating with Joe. In many instances, the capability to produce images with the most desired storyline there-in, is based on the development of one’s perception and practicality i.e. with  

  1. a) trained eye for a range of possibilities,  
  2. b) one’s best familiarity with whichever camera and associated filters, lenses

and other gadgets one possesses or are available,

  1. c) the motivation and temperament to accomplish the objective and at times
  2. d) the patience and soft-skill to manage children as with Santa Claus’ kids or with weak, elderly or infirmed patients in a sick bay / bed, especially before expiration.

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